Breeding pigs of the best quality



The combination of a high health status and a high genetic level, is one of the cornerstones to obtaining an acceptable financial result in pig production. ACT Breeding participates in the Danish SPF system and its surveillance programme. An essential part of this programme is that blood samples from random pigs are collected every month. Transparency is one of the SPF system´s biggest strengths. We are proud that ACT Breeding, since the foundation, has kept the highest SPF health status.

Disease prevention without compromises

At ACT Breeding, we do not make any compromises when talking about maintaining our high health status. The excellent health status begins with our staff. In everyday work, all of our employees are concerned about the importance of preventing potential infection risks. Showers are compulsory before the employees enter the barn in the morning and vice versa when they leave. Visitors are also subject to strict quarantine rules. External people who visit our barns must have 48 hours quarantine.

UV lighting of ventilation air

At ACT Breeding, we have gone a technical step further to keep our health status. Ultraviolet lighting of the ventilation air minimises the risk of introducing harmful bacteria and viruses in our farms.

Receipt of feed and other products

When we receive feed ingredients, we always demand that our sites are the first delivery points of that particular day. We keep goods shipped on pallets outside the farm buildings in quarantine, and after the quarantine, the bags are re-loaded to our pallets before entry to the buildings. As far as possible, all items go through disinfection before they enter the barns.

Rigorous logistical requirements

When we ship animals, we have some simple and mandatory requirements for the trucks transporting our pigs. All trucks must be cleaned, complying with the existing standards. Furthermore, before arrival at our farms, the trucks must have been in 48 hours quarantine. We have our own loading station, so we do not risk infections from other pigs during the shipping procedure. In addition to the SPF declared health status, a vaccination passport follows the batch of breeding pigs. In the vaccination passport, the customer can see which vaccinations the pigs have received before shipment. 

Summary of internal measures to protect against infections

  • All employees receive obligatory training in disease prevention and associated procedures
  • Ongoing updates and testing of employees
  • Limited access to the pig barns
  • Extensive quarantine for collaborators before a visit
  • All equipment is subject to restrictive quarantine before a visit
  • Other materials and auxiliaries are in quarantine before entering the barns
  • External craftsmen and their devices observe strict precautions
  • Rigorous washing and disinfection of own trucks
  • Thorough washing and disinfection of ramps
  • Live pigs leave the barn area according to specific procedures
  • Feed trucks always have their first stop at our sites on the day
  • Slurry transportation follow special guidelines
  • Emphasis on strict guidelines for the collection of fallen stock

We support Ukraine and its citizens

The situation in Ukraine is deteriorating hour by hour and the war has escalated to the whole country. The situation in Ukraine and the horrific images of the war are affecting us all, and we have several staff and acquaintances who are directly affected.

We are all deeply affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and it is more important than ever that we show that we stand together and support Ukraine and its people.