Breeding pigs of the best quality


Every time we sell breeding pigs to a new customer, we always try to build a relationship with our coming customer. When we sell to existing customers, we consider the sale as a way to strengthen our relationship. Direct contact with our customers defines the way we run our business. In close dialogue with the customer, we clarify his specific needs. 

The first delivery of breeding pigs

The first batch of breeding pigs a customer receives sets the scene for the relationship that we can build. If the customer is satisfied with the fundamental aspects, we have good conditions to start a beneficial relationship. Our customers have many different expectations for breeding pigs; however, we must fulfil all essential requirements to the shipment as a general characteristic. That is, the customer receives the number of ordered animals. The age of the animals must be correct, and delivery time must adhere to the agreed time. 

Breeding pigs from ACT is a good investment

The next significant test of confidence takes place when our gilts start farrowing at our customers. We work every day with breeding to ensure that our customers get high productivity sows with excellent longevity. At the end of the day, our expectation and goal are that the return on investment for our customers should be superior. 

Support to new customers

We offer 1-2 weeks of practical training to new customers unfamiliar with our breeding animals. The customer´s staff can, in this way, learn the management suitable for the ACT pigs. The practical training is a mutual pleasure for the customer and us. Therefore, the customer will understand how to realise the full genetic potential of the ACT pigs. The practical training also ensures complete customer satisfaction. Over the years, our customers confirm that we have the right sales approach as they often act as ambassadors for our breeding pigs. 

Expert support for breeding strategies

Our customers can ask for expert support related to genetics and breeding strategies through our collaborator Danish Pig Genetics.

In need of re-stocking?

If a pig herd contract an SPF disease, it is often economically feasible to re-stock. We are happy to assist farms in need of re-stocking. We have a lot of experience in planning shipments of breeding gilts in connection with re-stockings. The re-stocking process is often connected with uncertainties at the affected farm. However, our know-how can help reduce these concerns. We can also deliver pregnant gilts, which reduce the nonproductive time in the re-stocking farm.

We support Ukraine and its citizens

The situation in Ukraine is deteriorating hour by hour and the war has escalated to the whole country. The situation in Ukraine and the horrific images of the war are affecting us all, and we have several staff and acquaintances who are directly affected.

We are all deeply affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and it is more important than ever that we show that we stand together and support Ukraine and its people.