We take care of the delivery from barn to barn


ACT sells animals to the whole world

At ACT, we do not only focus on the production of the best breeding pigs. We also aspire to offer the best available pig transportation. Our customers should always receive breeding pigs from our farms that are unaffected by the transport. In practice, it means that our staff do their utmost to load the breeding pigs onto the trucks as gentle as possible.

Well-trained drivers and SPF approved trucks

We always offer SPF approved closed trucks with an interior design utilising the latest research knowledge. The trucks are air-conditioned and equipped with UV and charcoal filters, so the pigs have optimal conditions during the transport no matter the season and the actual weather condition. All drivers receive regular training to update them on the latest knowledge of transporting pigs most gently.  

Quarantine regulations for trucks

Our choice of the carrier means that the transport is careful and at the same time also provides the best protection against infections on the pigs´ journey to the customers. All the trucks we use are in 48 hours quarantine before they arrive at our farms. We use our own loading stations where veterinarians also inspect the animals. The positive implication of having our loading stations is that our pigs do not get in contact with any unknown pigs at any point during the shipment. We do our utmost to keep our pigs´ highest attainable SPF health status also during transport.


We handle all export documents

If you purchase ACT breeding pigs, we handle all paperwork connected with the shipment. Especially if your farm location is outside Denmark, the paperwork associated with the sales can be pretty comprehensive. We cooperate with specialised hauliers with a great experience of pig transports, whether it is land transport or air freight. Therefore, you do not need to worry about route plans or contact veterinary authorities; we take care of all these things.

Delivery to remote destinations

The breeding pigs are shipped as air freight when the destination is remote. During the flight, the animals stay in wooden crates hand made by carpenters. The pigs have ad libitum access to feed and water in the crates. Whether your farm is located in Denmark or another country, we take pride in delivering the right breeding pigs at the right time.

We support Ukraine and its citizens

The situation in Ukraine is deteriorating hour by hour and the war has escalated to the whole country. The situation in Ukraine and the horrific images of the war are affecting us all, and we have several staff and acquaintances who are directly affected.

We are all deeply affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and it is more important than ever that we show that we stand together and support Ukraine and its people.