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At ACT Breeding, we breed Danish Yorkshire and Danish Duroc. We produce hybrid gilts (LY)  by crossing our Yorkshire sows with Danish Landrace. When we inseminate the Yorkshire sows with Landrace, we obtain heterosis, i.e. the positive characteristics of each purebred are better in the hybrid offspring. The longevity of the hybrid sow is furthermore considerably improved compared with the purebred sows. For the production of finisher pigs, the hybrid sows are mated with Duroc. In this way, the DLY finisher pigs will get the much-appreciated characteristics from the Duroc breed. Our Duroc boars go primarily to AI studs, where they produce high-quality semen to produce finisher pigs.

Description of breeds

Below you can find a short description of each breed that belongs to the Danish Genetics breeding program. Hybrid breeding, i.e. cross-breeding of two different breeds, provides heterosis. Heterosis means that the crossbreeds obtain even better performance compared with the pure-bred Yorkshire and Landrace pigs.

Danish Yorkshire

Danish Yorkshire is one of the two maternal lines. Danish Yorkshire is crossed with Danish Landrace to produce hybrid LY gilts (F1). The breed is highly prolific with an outstanding milking ability.

Danish Landrace

Danish Landrace is the other breed used for the maternal lines.  Danish Landrace is crossed with Yorkshire to produce hybrid YL gilts (F1). The breed has excellent prolificacy and superb mothering ability.

Danish Duroc

Danish Duroc is used as the sire line. Hybrid gilts are crossed with Duroc to produce triple cross hybrid grower-finisher pigs. The Danish Duroc excels in a very high daily weight gain and excellent feed conversion. The carcass quality is recognized for its´ premium quality.

Hybrid LY/YL sow (F1)

The hybrid F1 sow is crossed with Duroc and produces the finisher pigs. The hybrid sow is an excellent mother and has a very high prolificacy.

We support Ukraine and its citizens

The situation in Ukraine is deteriorating hour by hour and the war has escalated to the whole country. The situation in Ukraine and the horrific images of the war are affecting us all, and we have several staff and acquaintances who are directly affected.

We are all deeply affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and it is more important than ever that we show that we stand together and support Ukraine and its people.