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Breeding programme

About our breeding programme

Visionary breeding sets new standards

ACT cooperates with Danish Genetics and is a partner in their breeding programme. Danish Genetics developed in cooperation with world-leading geneticists from Scotland-based Roslin Technologies the breeding programme. The usage of classical breeding theories combined with genomic selection and scanning of carcasses characterizes the breeding programme. State-of-the-art equipment provides excellent conditions for the collection of pig performance data.  The combination of an innovative breeding programme and a massive amount of performance data ensures significant genetic progress for the benefit of the pig producers.

Adaptability and flexible breeding

The specific requirements from the pig producers change continuously, and often outside factors drive the particular needs. Increasing feed prices and recently a political focus on climate gasses are clear examples of factors that set the direction in the breeding programme. Due to the outside changes that affect pig production profitability, it is necessary to revise the breeding regularly.  With a large amount of performance data available for Danish Genetics, regular revisions of the breeding programme are possible. ACT has a lot of experience in collecting breeding-related data, so it is manageable to implement modifications of the breeding goals.

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