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Avlscenter Trekanten in Denmark



Our company is built on long-standing customer relationships

Jørgen Skou Hansen

2nd generation owner of Avlscenter Trekanten

World-class genetics

ACT is a supplier of breeding pigs recognized by their unique genetic level. In cooperation with customers and the partner in pig genetics, Danish Genetics, ACT works hard to improve pig production profitability and sustainability. We are very flexible and have a remarkable ability to adapt to changes. Combined with our close contact with our customers, we are ready to prepare our customers for future challenges.

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30 years of experience


Some years ago, we changed our supplier of breeding gilts and switched to ACT. We were very positively surprised when the first gilts farrowed. We could see that the number of liveborn per litter increased by nearly two piglets per litter. The additional piglets lead to an increase of four more weaned piglets per sow per year. Since we switched the gilt supplier, we have experienced that ACT has excellent breeding competencies. Our sows have increased the number of liveborn piglets per litter even more than expected, and we interpret this as proof of ACT´s superior breeding skills.

Christian Arild Madsen
Stenogaard P/S, Denmark
700 sows and sales of 30 kg pigs

In connection with a start-up of a sow project in Romania, we purchased 6000 breeding gilts from ACT in 2016. The condition of the gilts was perfect when we received them. ACT is very competent in the gilt selection, so we did not observe any leg problems. We have gained many positive experiences with the ACT animals. In the first farrowing, the gilts gave birth to 16.5 liveborn piglets per litter. The sows are performing even better in the later parities, with over 19 liveborn piglets per litter. We also find that the sows longevity is unique. The gilts from ACT are the calmest animals we have worked with so far, and we highly recommend them to pig producers in Denmark and other countries.

Jacob Bruun
Premium Porc Group, Romania
5200 sows

Our choice of supplier of gilts gives stable results, and we are confident that this will continue. Over time we have gathered many years of experience with the ACT animals. The sows perform well and always have good longevity. The animals are easy to handle and are generally very calm. We are delighted with our cooperation with ACT. We have fixed gilt deliveries every three months, and it is straightforward to plan our activities due to clear communication from ACT. We have achieved the highest ranking on Centrovice´s list of best-performing sow farms during the last three years.

Lars Storm
Storm Nordgaard, Denmark
1060 sows, wean 41.3 piglets/sow/year

We sell most of our piglets when they reach 30 kg. With this kind of production, we need highly prolific sows. Furthermore, the piglets must leave our farms as soon as possible and achieve this without a high and expensive feed consumption. The ACT sows completely fulfil our requirements. They have a high milk production and wean heavy and uniform piglets easy to work with post-weaning.

Torben Poulsen
Klaptoft A/S and Prima Svin A/S, Denmark
7600 sows, sales of 270,000 30 kg piglets and production of 18,000 finisher pigs

ACT breeding program

Part of Danish Genetics

ACT has always produced breeding pigs with the highest attainable SPF health status.  We know the importance of the animals’ health status for the individual pig producers’ profit. In the day-to-day operations, we make massive efforts to keep our high health status. It has substantial implications to maintain our high health. We carefully consider the entire production chain from receiving feed ingredients to the point where the breeding pigs are transported to the customer to eliminate any health risks.

Our key to success is our employees

Our great productivity and business development depend heavily on our skilled, responsible pig and plant production staff. The management of a breeding and multiplier farm is a complex and challenging task. However, every day our team shows that they have a responsible and ambitious approach to all the everyday routines in the daily care of the pigs and the plant production. At ACT, we appreciate our employees´ dedication and their splendid abilities to co-operate. In this way, our staff competently accomplish all tasks. Timely intervention by our employees in the pig and plant production contributes significantly to our good productivity figures.